August 19, 2021

Yoroi Wallet Tutorial: How to Add to Chrome Browser

How to add Cardano ADA Yoroi Wallet to Google Chrome Browser

Download Yoroi Wallet here!

Developed by EMURGO, Yoroi Wallet is the go-to light crypto wallet for Cardano ADA users on mobile and browser extensions and Ergo ERG users on browser extension only, making it an excellent choice for users to store, send, and receive these cryptocurrencies.

Yoroi also enjoys Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet support for Cardano ADA.

As mentioned in previous blogs, Yoroi is shaping up to be a complete solution for the Cardano and Ergo blockchain ecosystems with various functionalities for its users, including the much-awaited dApp Connector.

Cardano’s highly anticipated smart contract implementation is well on track with the Alonzo testnet upgrades.

Of course, before diving into Yoroi Wallet’s functionalities, the first step is to get it up and running.

This simple tutorial guide will go over the step-by-step process to add your Yoroi Wallet to your Google Chrome web browser via extension.

1) Step 1

Go to the website for Yoroi Wallet:

2) Step 2

Go to the ‘download’ drop-down menu and select ‘Chrome’ as seen below.

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3) Step 3

Next, you’ll be taken to the Chrome Web Store.

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4) Step 4

Then, select ‘Add to Chrome’ and press ‘Add Extension’ to the pop-up question.

5) Step 5

Next, wait for the package to download.

6) Step 6

Now, the Yoroi logo should show up between your extensions on the top right of your Chrome browser.


Click it.

Sometimes, it is not easily visible so you will have to navigate through the extension to see it.

7) Step 7

The first option will be to select your language.

8) Step 8

Read the terms of service and click on the ‘agree’ box.

9) Step 9

The payment URL is optional. It won’t change the result if you skip it.

10) Step 10

On the next screen, you’ll be presented with a few choices for connecting a hardware wallet, creating a new wallet, and restoring a wallet.

We’ll be creating a new wallet in this tutorial.

11) Step 11

Yoroi is a multi-chain crypto wallet for both Cardano ADA and Ergo ERG blockchains. We’ll be creating a new Cardano wallet for this tutorial.

12) Step 12

Next, you have the option of creating a browser wallet or a paper wallet. The latter is to keep your cryptocurrencies on what is known as a “cold storage” wallet. We’ll create a browser wallet.

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13) Step 13

Now, you’ll be asked to name the wallet and create a spending password. The latter is only to authorize transactions.

14) Step 14

The next step is crucial. You’ll be shown 15 randomly generated words that can be used to recover your wallet and funds as a backup option.

wwCwibzQ9KUcLxdUGQSR2WJ8b1dAsW vnGwrMfFnqXrgsQajIQpXw0oOnlsTczyNIPFwPs ojYBKms BESTwI0mmrtlf Bln8kFaagnYvpP6VMRraVtZ9O00F2nnYjPjF gfwg4

Those words will only be shown to you once, they are the only means to recover a wallet. If you lose these words, your funds are permanently lost.

This string of words is known as the Key Phrase, recovery phrase, and/or seed phrase to generate your exclusive private key.

It is imperative that you carefully record them offline and not on your phone or PC, and safeguard them in a secured location.

Once that’s done, your Yoroi Wallet is ready to use.

Now, you can store, send and receive Cardano ADA, plus enjoy many more functionalities in addition to those coming in the near future.

Finally, the steps above should work on any Chrome-based browser such as Brave, Chromium, and others.

Select ‘Chrome’ like in Step 2 and the Web Store will automatically recognize your browser.

The other steps are the same.

For more information and questions on Yoroi, please follow Yoroi on Twitter and contact Yoroi’s Support here.

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