June 17, 2021

Yoroi Wallet & Cardano Blockchain’s Alonzo Hard Fork Updates

Yoroi Wallet Cardano Blockchain s Alonzo Hard Fork Updates

EMURGO – a global emerging technologies company and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain protocol – successfully developed and launched Yoroi Wallet in October 2018.

Yoroi is a secure way to easily send, receive, and store Cardano ADA and Ergo’s ERG via mobile apps and browser extensions.

Download Yoroi Wallet here:



Google Chrome



From its inception, Yoroi was designed to be a daily light wallet for Cardano ADA users and to become the go-to wallet for Cardano ADA users to interact within a broader Cardano ecosystem and its different DApps.

Cardano Blockchain Smart Contracts & DeFi

With smart contract functionality on the horizon for Cardano’s blockchain through the upcoming Goguen era, Cardano recently launched the first of three testnets for smart contract functionality with the implementation of the Alonzo Blue testnet.

(Read here for more details about the Alonzo Hard Fork.)

Once smart contracts are integrated into Cardano’s blockchain with the official Alonzo hard fork mainnet release, it will support the development of a wide variety of DApp services including DeFi, NFTs, and the migration of projects from other blockchain platforms to Cardano.

Use Yoroi Wallet to Interact with Cardano DApps

Currently, EMURGO is working to implement the required changes to be ready for Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork.

As the Alonzo hard fork will bring functional smart contracts and DApps to Cardano, EMURGO is developing a DApp Connector which will support both ADA and ERG.

Through these updates, we envision that Yoroi Wallet will be similar to the MetaMask Wallet for Ethereum, by enabling Yoroi Wallet users to interact with a wide variety of DApps contributing to the expansion of a decentralized economy and the overall Cardano ecosystem.

EMURGO is strongly committed to contributing and helping the Cardano ecosystem to standardize this communication between wallets and DApps, and continues to expand the support of the serialization library broadly used by wallets (including Yoroi) and exchanges.

(See GitHub links here and here.)

We look forward to a new Yoroi era.

For more information and questions, please follow Yoroi on Twitter and contact Yoroi’s Support here.

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