September 13, 2021

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EMURGO Academy Cardano Blockchain Developer Program Course

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EMURGO Academy is the education unit of EMURGO – the official commercial arm of the Cardano blockchain protocol.

EMURGO Academy is dedicated to the creation of a highly skilled blockchain talent pool fluent in the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on Cardano.

With enterprises and blockchain projects demanding a supply of more blockchain-proficient workers, EMURGO Academy’s mission is to help meet this demand through tailored online courses for prospective Cardano developers.

Why Learn to Build on Cardano?

Cardano is a third-generation and “green” blockchain protocol that runs an environmentally-friendly proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm to secure its network.

With mainstream awareness increasing around blockchain technology and Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency, Cardano is also the most decentralized PoS blockchain development platform as of today.

From its inception, Cardano has been guided by best engineering principles to deliver a platform that is scalable, sustainable, and interoperable with other blockchain networks, for a large number of users.

The upcoming integration of smart contracts on Cardano through the Alonzo hard fork will open the doors for developers to start building decentralized applications (dApps) including DeFi, and NFTs on Cardano.

Become a Trailblazing Cardano Blockchain Developer

Through EMURGO Academy’s curated online content and course options, prospective Cardano developers will learn the basics of Cardano’s programming languages – Haskell, Plutus and Marlowe – and practical applications of these languages in the Cardano ecosystem

EMURGO Academy believes it is important to gain a holistic view of the entire blockchain ecosystem along with a good understanding of how other blockchain protocols work, the innovations in Cardano, and why these make sense.

Our courses gradually shift from a simpler to more complex view, enabling the learner to mentally embrace the steep learning curve in a more effective learner approach.

Our expert faculty has professional teaching experience with a wide range of learners from beginners to career professionals aiming to pursue a career in blockchain development after completing our developer courses.

Unique Benefits of our “Cardano Blockchain Developer” program

– Learn from expert faculty with multi-blockchain industry experience

– Peer learning with a select group of learners (max 40 global learners)

– One-on-one personal engagement with faculty during live sessions

– Access to custom-built learning materials to ensure a methodical approach

– Continuous assessments ensure analytics-based suggestions on each learner’s strengths & weaknesses

Program Modules Overview

*Register Now to Become a Cardano Blockchain Developer!

1) Blockchain Architecture and Design Principles

This module is intended to impart a strong understanding of how blockchains work, their internal mechanisms, and how these differ from conventional centralized systems. At the end of this module, the learner will be have gained a strong understanding of blockchain and underlying concepts in:

– Cryptography

– Consensus protocols

– Token economics (Tokenomics)

– Interactions between blockchain and the real world

– Building real world applications in synergy with AI & IoT using a stacked approach

– Understanding on how blockchain is helping to solve real-world problems in various industries such as fintech, supply chain, healthcare, as well as enabling disruptive crowdsourced peer-to-peer solutions

2) Cardano Developer Associate

This module is intended to impart a strong understanding of the specific internal mechanisms of Cardano at work, design decisions, associated benefits compared to other blockchain systems, and a focused emphasis on learning Haskell as a programming language to develop viable applications.

There is a balanced approach between expert theory sessions and guided hands-on learning to enable the learner to think and play with the essential concepts required to become an effective programmer.

A 360 degree view of the Cardano ecosystem:

– Fundamentals of Cardano blockchain

– In-depth understanding of Cardano internal mechanisms such as Ouroboros, PVSS, VRF functionality

– Architecture of Cardano protocol

– Command on Haskell programming

– Exposure to application development through a real-world use case project based on Haskell with expert mentoring and project review by a panel of world-renowned expert judges

– Marlowe contract development overview

3) Cardano Developer Professional

This module aims to build upon all the concepts covered up to this point and help the learners transition to development of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain using Plutus and Haskell.

– Understanding the developer toolchain and how to maximize its utility

– Cardano node and associated setup

– Cardano-detailed concepts on transactions, underlying mechanisms

– Detailed look at the EUTXO model

– Metadata and how it enables various applications

– Native Tokens and NFTs

– Plutus build system

– Overview of Plutus Core

– Setup of Plutus environment

– Various Plutus smart contracts including native tokens, oracles, state machines, security analysis of developed scripts

– Extensive Plutus theory plus hands-on sessions with various examples to enable a rich variety of learning approaches

– Overview of K-Framework, KEVM side chain, Glow, IELE etc.

– Exposure to application development through a real-world use case project using Plutus, with expert mentoring and project review by a panel of world-renowned expert judges


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