September 11, 2019

EMURGO To Join Blockchain For Europe Association On European Tour

EMURGO & Blockchain For Europe

At the end of 2018, EMURGO, the official commercial arm of Cardano, along with other leading blockchain entities established Blockchain for Europe – a blockchain association representing industry stakeholders at the EU level. As blockchain technology continues to grow in mainstream awareness, Blockchain for Europe’s main objective is to be a trusted body to EU policymakers in order to properly educate EU members & institutions about the real use cases for blockchain technology and to foster pro-blockchain policy initiatives moving forward.

Blockchain is still in its nascent phase with growing recognition by the day. According to a report by Deloitte, many enterprises have completed proof-of-concepts and are experimenting with actual implementation of blockchain solutions into existing & new business verticals from supply chain management to energy, and so on. Overall, the blockchain industry is forecasted to generate an annual business value of over $3 trillion by 2030 with up to 20% of global economic infrastructure utilizing blockchain-based solutions by then, in an industry forecast by PwC.

EMURGO’s mission is to drive the adoption of Cardano and bring value to ADA holders through tailored systems development such as Yoroi Wallet & Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer, education of prospective & current blockchain developers; investment & acceleration of enterprises showing synergies with Cardano such as Y2X – a leading digital merchant bank; and provision of advisory services to enterprises planning to implement blockchain-based solutions.

To achieve this mission, EMURGO actively engages with policymakers through leading associations such as Blockchain For Europe & U.S. Chamber of Digital Commerce to be a part of the discussions shaping the future of blockchain-oriented policies, and provides informative content to these stakeholders on topics such as the current regulatory status of STOs at the EU level. As regulatory clarity is gradually formed through these discussions, awareness of Cardano’s third-generation blockchain solutions as the protocol of choice to address scalability, sustainability, and interoperability will inevitably grow.

Blockchain For Europe European Tour

EMURGO’s CFO & CIO Manmeet Singh will be a part of the Blockchain For Europe EU tour to engage in industry dialogue with policymaker stakeholders from European central banks, The Ministry of Finance, and Markets Authorities, starting September 12th with the OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris, France and moving afterwards to Estonia; Helsinki, Finland; and finishing in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 18th.

The blockchain-centric topics to be discussed will include cryptocurrency assets, security tokens, STOs, IEOs and other potential applications of blockchain technology in other important sectors.

Regularly speaking at high profile conferences such as DC Blockchain Summit, Japan Blockchain Conference, & SUSS Convergence, Manmeet is a go-to expert for policymakers and government stakeholders wishing to learn about the latest in digital tokenization and security tokens.

EMURGO as a part of the Blockchain For Europe contingent, will be participating in discussions advocating for the use of blockchain-based solutions in EU sectors, in particular the utilities of Cardano’s third-generation blockchain. The goal will be to educate, raise awareness, and start a productive discussion towards forming friendly initiatives that will spur blockchain implementation.

For more information, please visit our Twitter for the latest developments and also check out Blockchain For Europe’s Twitter page for details.

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EMURGO is the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project, headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia. EMURGO works closely with IOHK and The Cardano Foundation to grow Cardano’s ecosystem globally, and promote its adoption. Learn more about the project at

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