July 29, 2021

EMURGO is Thrilled to Announce Yoroi Wallet’s dApp Connector

Yoroi Wallet Cardano Blockchain DApp Connector

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Smart Contracts to Bring dApps to CARDANO

The CARDANO blockchain and its native cryptocurrency ADA was designed to be a decentralized global operating system for a large number of users.

It is consistently being developed by a team of collective experts with worldwide usage in mind as a third-generation blockchain platform rather than just another p2p (peer-to-peer) cryptocurrency.

It features an open, programmable, and low-cost transaction platform to meet users’ needs for scalability, sustainability, and interoperability, while also offering green technology.

CARDANO’s full potential is now coming into realization as the current Alonzo upgrades signify the integration of smart contracts in the near future.

Smart contracts will enable projects to build DeFi (decentralized finance), NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DIDs (decentralized identity), and many other decentralized applications (dApps) on CARDANO’s network, and thus expand its worldwide user adoption.

Yoroi Wallet’s dApp Connector Plays a Key Role

In order to unlock such vast potential, Yoroi Wallet will soon unveil a platform for interacting with dApps – Yoroi Wallet’s dApp Connector.

It will play a key role by allowing the community to operate with all these decentralized services through their trusted Yoroi Wallet.

Developed by EMURGO, Yoroi is a light wallet for CARDANO ADA and ERGO’s ERG which allows users to easily and securely store, send, and receive these cryptocurrencies through mobile app and browser extensions.

Yoroi also enables users to stake their ADA for rewards, and vote for Project Catalyst, with new features on the way such as the dApp Connector mentioned above.

dApps play a critical role in the Semantic Web or Web 3.0.

They facilitate resource discovery, communication between systems and programs, and management of our daily lives.

They also represent the Cloud Web, the Application Web, and the Multi-Device Web.

The “classic” Web 2.0 platforms for storage, audio, and hosting services are rapidly being repurposed as Web 3.0 apps with self-management capabilities, aided by the development of blockchain technology.

How Yoroi’s dApp Connector Impacts CARDANO

Interactions between users and blockchain-based dApps on the CARDANO blockchain will require a bridge, precisely what Yoroi’s dApp Connector will provide.

As a result, users will be able to simply access such dApps and do so from their preferred web browser via a plugin.

After enabling the dApp Connector, the user will be able to participate in any activities that the dApp permits such as purchasing or selling tokens, gaining access to resources, or using other features offered by the dApp.

Yoroi’s dApp Connector will create a seamless connection between Yoroi and the connected dApp.

This communication bridge between both platforms facilitates the validation of ownership of specific assets and can allow the execution of transactions for the dApp.

Finally, the most exciting feature is the interaction with smart contracts, where Yoroi and the dApp Connector will perform all the communication with the blockchain and the smart contract.

The team at EMURGO, the developers of Yoroi Wallet, is overjoyed to soon provide such a ground-breaking innovation to our devoted community and set the tone for the CARDANO ecosystem’s bright future.

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Download Yoroi here!

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